Abundance Is a Choice - Enjoy Abundance NOW!

The Abundance Journey™  

For the Spiritual and Growth-Oriented

If you believe that your business is a creative expression of who you are, you’re in the right place.

The Abundance Journey™ is a life-changing 6-week journey towards prosperity and fulfillment designed specifically for entrepreneurs and experts who are BRILLIANT at what they do, but are struggling to create the life they want.  

Our clients know that their business or career is more than just a money maker.  They are after a life of meaning…but something about their life is stagnant and unfulfilling.  Before working with us, our clients are deeply frustrated because something hidden is holding them back from living a fulfilling life of meaning. 

What we see in the world is a reflection of what is unseen in us.

We’ve been on that journey. It can be really painful if you don’t have a clear map, directions and a guide.  That’s where we come in…   

We’ve found the path to a joyful, fulfilling life that creates a thriving business. 

  • Do you want to have a fast, easy practice to make manifesting mojo permanent? 
  • Do you find judgment, doubt, or even resistance sneak in sometimes, although you know they block your Abundance? 
  • Do you want to quickly convert feeling “lack” into feeling “abundant?” 
  • Do you have to work hard to “get out of your own way?” 
  • Do you love personal growth, yet struggle to make changes stick in real life?  

All of our clients are driven by purpose and are looking for a way to show up in the world as their complete, authentic, best selves.  They know that full self expression of their gifts empowers them to be effective in business.

The Abundance Journey™ is one of the easiest, most comprehensive, and supported programs to help participants master a proven Abundance Practice so they have Clarity, Confidence and a Committed Plan of Action for prosperity and fulfillment. 


  • Six weeks of live training and Q&A.  The training includes exercises and activities to ensure you experience and understand each step fully.  Each live video training is recorded and will be available if you aren’t able to attend the class. 
  • Study Guide to capture your transformation and track your progress. 
  • Transcripts of the live training videos.  
  • Private 1:1 weekly 30-minute Zoom coaching session for each participant. 
  • Facebook Group for community support and homework feedback. 
  • Two Guided Meditations - recorded for future use.  
  • One Live EFT (Tapping) Session - recorded for future use.  
  • Affirmation Guide that provides examples and teaches you how to create your own powerful affirmations.  
  • Lifetime access to all training and recorded materials.  

Outcomes:  By the end of The Abundance Journey™, you’ll be able to: 

  • Stay centered, calm, and present to opportunities for abundance even in the midst of chaos.
  • Automatically identify what is working well so you amplify your momentum. 
  • Notice, track and celebrate your transformations so you validate your progress and practice. 
  • Experience abundance of all kinds, in all ways, at deeper levels than ever before. 
  • Easily integrate new ideas and processes into your daily life. 

Who The Abundance Journey™ is For:

Those who are spiritually-oriented, who love personal growth, and are eager to create a life that they cherish, rich with meaning and purpose..  

Who The Abundance Journey™ is NOT for:

Victims; anyone who has given up on themselves or expects prosperity to be handed to them will not succeed with this program.  This practice requires your full participation.  Your level of engagement in each simple step determines your outcomes.  


  • This six week course starts Thursday, June 2, 2022  at 1-3 pm Pacific/4-6 pm Eastern (Last training is July 7, 2022)
  • Two Group Q&A Calls.
  • All training and coaching is done via Zoom.  
  • 1:1 coaching sessions will be Monday and Tuesday afternoons (after 1 pm Pacific/4 pm Eastern)
  • All training and recorded materials will be accessible through the membership site. 

Investment:  $497 special opportunity for BETA group (Regularly $1997) This course is limited to 20 people

BETA Group members are asked to:

  • Attend every live class, group coaching Q&A call, and 1:1 coaching session to receive maximum benefit. 
  • Actively support others and share in the Facebook Group. 
  • Provide feedback about The Abundance Journey™ course to Elaine.  
  • Provide a testimonial about your transformations. 

Guarantee:  30 Day Money Back Guarantee  

Live Class Schedule:  

Week One:  OVERVIEW - The Abundance Journey™ Map 

Week Two:  ENGAGE - How to Benefit from Problems 

Week Three:  EMBODY - Your 5X Value 

Week Four:  EXPRESS - How to Overcome Doubts Forever 

Week Five:  EXPERIENCE – Your Legacy of Abundance 

Week Six:  INTEGRATE – Your Infinite Abundance 

Are you ready for rapid growth on both a personal and business level?  Let The Abundance Journey™ help you break through your limitations. 

As Within, So Without.

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